As all of us know, early childhood education in Malaysia consists of two different levels. For early education, children under the age of 4 years old will be given a chance to join nurseries or care centers called TASKA, and the children above 4 years old until 6 years old will be attended preschools or well known as TADIKA.

Some of the parents might wonder what is the benefit for their kids to joining this education center at an early age and if will they be under good care. The answer is, they will gain a lot of benefits and of course, they will be under good care because the teachers for the institutions are mostly graduated from majoring the early childhood education programs.

The purpose of early childhood education is to teach and provide children with the knowledge and strategies to help them develop the emotional, social, and cognitive skills that will be needed to become lifelong learners.

The most important goal in early childhood education is the nurturing care that they received. This includes and focuses on their needs, health, nutrition, safety, emotional support, and social interaction. So, the first five years of children’s life is very important in order to ensure that they have everything that they need to learn at an early age because of how fast their brain grows from birth.

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