Children who are less than 7 years old need emotional guidance because they still don’t know the best way to channel their emotions or the right way to display the emotions they feel. Therefore, early childhood education teachers are highly recommended to pay more attention in terms of emotions to help them to identify the emotions that control themselves and how to properly apply or manipulate those emotions to become something good.

With the variety of activities in early childhood education, we will be able to see various reactions and responses from children whether good or otherwise. Teachers should have very good knowledge in identifying their responses to ensure they do not fall behind in education or become a person who harbors emotions.

This sharing contains a variety of interesting activities to help teachers attract their attention to learning something new. Apart from using these work materials, teachers can also add various other ways and activities such as singing together or puzzle activities by giving rewards such as star stickers and so on for successful students.

To achieve a good response from the children no matter how the situation is, the teachers need to develop a great relationship in the first place before starting to the next level in teaching. The first impression for kids is something that is really important as they need some sort of certainty that they will be fine and safe in your care.

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