Animals are a very interesting subject for children to learn. It is not only unique but also has a variety that can attract children’s attention to learn and remember it.

This worksheet contains animal body parts puzzles that will test their creativity and memory. As a suggestion, teachers can add other activities before giving them this task to complete. For example, use a graphic video that has a story about an animal and ask them to jointly name each animal in the video. Teachers can also use interesting picture cards or drawings that show various animals.

This activity requires high supervision because students are required to cut out the picture of the missing body part and stick it to the correct part. Make sure the teacher rewards marks such as star stickers or good stamps for each correct answer to further encourage students to do the next activity.

Interesting tips for classroom decoration:

  1. Make sure the class background color is not too bright and not too faded. Choose colors that are attractive and stimulating.
  2. Use pictures, posters, and drawings that are interesting and easy for students to understand and remember.
  3. Prepare a special room to be used as a reading room containing interesting and age-appropriate books.
  4. Also prepare a special space to be used as a student activity space where the teacher can paste the student’s work or the teacher can also ask the students to do something in that special space such as drawing or so on.

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