collectives nouns

The SPM exam is the main requirement for students in Malaysia to continue their studies to the next level such as STPM, Matriculation, or pre-university courses. Students can also continue their studies in overseas courses such as A-Level. Students who are 17 years old or in their 5th year of secondary school are eligible to sit for the SPM exam.

The Malaysian Ministry of Education has announced a new SPM exam format from KBSM to KSSM. KPM has also aligned the English exam format to be in line with the Common European of Reference (CEFR) which has been used internationally.

This time, I would like to share with you the MIPSPM KSSM 2021 ; ENGLISH (COLLECTIVE NOUNS) for educators to give to students as a drill to prepare them for the real exam


Collective noun is a phrase that used to refers to a group of things or people as one entity. For examples, a flock of birds, a pack of hounds, an army of ants. Flock, pack, army, is known as collective noun.

Just like the Malay language subject in the SPM Malaysia Certificate of Education exam, the English language subject also plays an important role in determining the future direction of students at the higher education level. This language is no stranger among young people now, some who are as young as 2-3 years old are already able to master the basics of English. English also requires the same writing techniques as Malay.

Read the instructions carefully and understand the requirements of the question, draft the essay as best as possible with a complete introduction, body, and conclusion or conclusion. Use all the given contents to ensure perfect scoring. Be sure to schedule and be aware of the time used for a section. Check the grammar and content processing before sending the question paper.

Hopefully with the partnership of MIPSPM KSSM 2021 ; ENGLISH (COLLECTIVE NOUNS) can facilitate the process of teachers instructing students and can help students understand a topic being studied faster and easier. Follow us at T.me/sistemguruonline for the latest collection of teaching aids. Thank you