Apa Itu KBAT | Perbandingan Teori Berkaitan KBAR dan KBAT

Nevermind :)
Nevermind :)
Apa Itu KBAT | Perbandingan Teori Berkaitan KBAR dan KBAT
Apa Itu KBAT | Perbandingan Teori Berkaitan KBAR dan KBAT
Perbandingan Teori Berkaitan KBAR dan KBAT Dalam Matematik
Kemahiran Berfikir Aras Rendah (KBAR)
Kemahiran Berfikir Aras Tinggi (KBAT)
“Lower-order thinking (LOT) is often characterized by the recall of information or the application of concepts or knowledge to familiar situations and contexts”. Resnick (1987) Characterized higher-order thinking (HOT) as “non-algorithmic.”

Resnick (1987)
LOT tasks requires a student “… to recall a fact, perform a simple operation, or solve a familiar type of problem. It does not require the student to work outside the familiar” Schmalz (1973) “The use of complex, non-algorithmic thinking to solve a task in which there is not a predictable, well-rehearsed approach or pathway explicitly suggested by the task, task instruction, or a worked out example.”  Stein and Lane (1996)
“LOT is involved when students are solving tasks where the solution requires applying a well-known algorithm, often with no justification, explanation, or proof required, and where only a single correct answer is possible”.

Senk, Beckman, & Thompson (1997)
“HOT as solving tasks where no algorithm has been taught, where justification or explanation are required, and where more than one solution may be possible”.  Senk, et al (1997)

“LOT as solving tasks while working in familiar situations and contexts; or, applying algorithms already familiar to the student”. Thompson (2008) “HOT involves solving tasks where an algorithm has not been taught or using known algorithms while working in unfamiliar contexts or situations”.

Thompson (2008)


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